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Digital Campus Labs provides the best academic software for the education industry. These integrated management systems provide organization-wide transparency to schools, colleges and universities, making it easier for their management to avoid waste of resources by plugging any possible misuses.

From the administration’s perspective, educational institutes can end or limit their dependence on staff and instead rely on an automated system that can give better results at a quicker pace.

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With Digital Campus Labs software, you will have access to all the data you need to make informed decisions.


Another major benefit of Digital Campus Labs software is that it can help to improve student performance and results.


Students will never miss any syllabus if they are absent. Also, daily Classes will be updated in the portal by teachers.


Parents can keep an eye on their children and, track their progress in every field & get updated with each event.

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What is Educationsl ERP software?

Digital Campus Labs software for schools helps manage all day-to-day school activities, including administrative tasks, teaching, curriculum management, student attendance, student information, fee record management, homework management, etc.

With Digital Campus Labs software for schools, all stakeholders can have a centralized dashboard view that lists all the relevant information. Not only that, but with access to real-time data such as student progress, attendance records, and upcoming events, parents and teachers can stay updated, which enhances communication between the institution and parents.

How does Our software help?

With an integrated school management software system in place, schools can upgrade their daily school administration processes. For example, in the case of admissions, schools can use Digital Campus Labs software to carry out all the processes in a paperless manner, leading to better efficiency and saving time and costs.

With better records management, student and staff data can be accessed easily and anytime, reducing errors. Learning content management becomes easy and efficient, where teachers can reduce time in planning and focus on execution.

Why Choose Digital Campus Labs

Digital Campus Labs refers to a type of software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business processes, such as accounting, procurement, FP&A, project management, risk management, and supply chain operations. Digital Campus Labs software provides a fully integrated suite of finance and operations applications that are built on a common data model—providing a single source of truth for data.

Our product compliments the institution to achieve management excellence. There are always challenges to knowledge retention when institutions face workforce turnover the issue. By leveraging our software, institution users shall operate based on processes that are defined in the system. It shall retain the operation knowledge within the organization and protect the organization’s data which are significantly important to every institution.

List 1

Easy to use and intuitive interface.

List 2

Modern tools promoted technology and massive time saving for the entire staff.

List 3

Increase teachers, parents and students' engagement.

List 4

Well-received tools that enable progressive practice.

List 5

Widespread usage by staff compared to other platforms.

List 6

Digital Campus Labs provide security and reliability.

Core Benefits

Single Source of Truth

Gain a comprehensive view of your organization’s financial performance and better understand profitability, costs and revenue by using prebuilt analytics. Prebuilt analytics measure critical financial KPIs in real-time, including current ratio, quick ratio, debt to quality ratio, net working capital and inventory turnover, just to name a few.

The entire team can reference this data throughout the life of a project without having to consult separate sources or ask others who may have outdated or incorrect knowledge. This saves time because team members don’t need to spend valuable hours looking into what they believe are verified facts from multiple sources. Everyone managing the project has access to everything they need in one place.

Reduce Manual Work

One of the primary advantages of Digital Campus Labs software is that it allows companies to automate mundane, repetitive tasks; built-in account reconciliation and transaction matching allow businesses to dramatically increase efficiency and speed up the close financial process.

Manual work is no fun. It is time-consuming, error-prone, and plain old get in the way; that is why Digital Campus Labs software can be such a lifesaver; by automating some of the most common tasks, Digital Campus Labs software can reduce the workload for teachers, administrators, and other staff.


Scalability as companies grow, their software must have the ability to rapidly and easily scale across markets, geographies, and products. Digital Campus Labs provide unmatched speed, performance, security and scale, allowing businesses to grow with confidence.

It will help you focus on the growth of your institute, not the challenges associated with it. The scalability offered by Digital Campus Labs makes sure that you can manage the increasing number of students, teachers, and courses without worry.

Built-in-risk Management

One of the primary advantages of Digital Campus Labs software is that it allows companies to automate mundane, repetitive tasks. Built-in account reconciliation and transaction matching allow businesses to dramatically increase efficiency and speed up the close financial process.

It has been said that implementing an educational software system is like performing open heart surgery on a company. The project is complex and rife with foreseeable and unforeseen risks. The risks are ever present within the lifecycle of the project and should not be ignored.


The integrated yet modular architecture of our modern Digital Campus Labs software allows you to deploy what you need when you need it. You control the pace and define which areas of the business are addressed first, such as modernizing your financials, supporting company-wide planning or improving your logistics.

Most of today’s educational software solutions are similar across the board. They have the same rich features but lack flexibility, agility, and security, and because they’re all so similar, it’s difficult to stand out among your competition.

Benefits to administrators

Users have the power, flexibility, and ease of use needed to do their job regardless of the position—headmaster, admissions director, or administrative assistant. A variety of easy-to-assign security settings and groups allow administrators to grant access to staff for specific program areas and reporting functionality.

The staff dashboard view shows demographics, security settings, staff information, and more. Complete email history is available for viewing. Comprehensive reporting allows the creation of custom reports, as well as pre-existing reports that include year/term reports, transcripts, course listings, class lists/rosters, and more.

Benefits to teachers

Attendance is taken quickly and easily by name or seating chart with the ability to mark lunch orders simultaneously. Easy access to student and family data with the option to add behaviour reports and family/teacher conference information. The system’s email features are easy to use for general messages or student grade information while allowing teachers to easily filter emails to the recipients of their choice.

Lesson plans can be created, copied, and saved as master plans for use year after year. Enter, review, and edit information that appears on student report cards, including skill set grades. Beyond lesson plans and report cards, teachers can use additional pieces of information for announcements, calendar events, web documents, homework drops, portfolios, resources, syllabi, and more.

Benefits to parents

In Digital Campus Labs, the parents’ module is crafted in such a manner that it provides complete insight into their children’s performance. Their examination details, timetable, attendance record, results obtained, etc., are a few activities that can be viewed easily with the click of a mouse. It facilitates transparent communication between teachers and parents.

At any point in time, they can interact with the teachers and ask any query about children’s performance or school curriculum. Using the software program even eliminates the need to attend parents-teachers meet by; parents if any important event is about to take place in a school or if children have participated in any school activity which aims at holistic development, the notification of the same is sent to parents via the module.

Many times it happens that teachers want to communicate important points to parents about their children’s performance but in their absence. Such communication can be done hassle-free by using the software. Last but not least, parents need not visit the school personally to take application forms or deposit the school fee. They can easily download the application and pay the fee online.

To access different information, parents are provided unique user IDs and passwords through which they have to log in and view every detail. So, all in all, it can be said that our software facilitates transparent communication by bridging the gap between school and children.


We were since long looking for a solution that helps us to go paperless & cashless at the same time & reduces our manual workload. Digital Campus Labs provides us with a full-fledged package to manage to start from our admission, management, attendance, assessment, Library, HR & their payroll required to run the day-to-day activities of our school efficiently.

Mr: Reddy

It is user-friendly and has erased many sophisticated difficulties which we faced earlier. Parents and teachers have found the parent app and teacher app very helpful. Parents are delighted as they receive all information and notices regarding their child’s activity in real time.


We are incredibly grateful to Digital Campus Labs for providing us with so many modules & all the requirements of management in our college. The teacher mobile app and examination management module has helped give teachers extra time to interact more with students.

Ms: Sneha

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Why should clients go for Digital Campus Labs Software, as there are various school management platforms in the market?

Digital Campus Labs software is unique in various ways. A long team of trained and skilled experts has designed every feature and button with great care after carrying out extensive research while keeping all requirements in mind. Therefore, it proves useful for every kind of school, college and Institution.

What is a Digital Campus Labs software system, and what’s its purpose?

A Digital Campus Labs software system is an essential tool designed to take care of and relieve some of the organisational aspects behind running an educational institute. It helps manage all aspects of schools & Colleges by automating day-to-day tasks. It provides easy access to information at any time, so everyone can stay up-to-date with what’s happening within the Institution. The purpose of a Digital Campus Labs software system is to shift the focus from administrative tasks and instead devote time to developing educational strategies.

Is Digital Campus Labs Software an application?

Digital Campus Labs software is a desktop software that also offers school management smartphone applications for parents, teachers, and students. Unlike school administration, teachers, parents, or students cannot sit in front of the computer screen to manage their tasks. Hence, choose the school management software provider that also offers smartphone applications so that these stakeholders can do their work more efficiently using only their smartphones. All these applications are linked with the school management software so that no one outside of school can access the data of your school.

Why is school management need ERP Software?

In the time and age where every sector is digitized, it is an irony that the education sector that moulds tomorrow’s professionals does not implement digital tools to simplify and elevate the education system’s offerings. Students now have gotten used to using technology to aid their studies. It is now high time for schools and teachers to do the same. Only then can teachers bring something new to the table instead of sticking to the old ways of teaching. Moreover, Digital Campus Labs software assists school admin, teachers, and students to streamline their work. It automates several of their tasks so that they get more time for other important things. With the right school educational Software, schools can manage to do more work within a limited time hence increasing their productivity. This will eventually reflect in the school’s overall profits and benefits.