GPS Bus Tracking

The technology in logistics and transportation has advanced greatly over recent years. This has also benefited school bus transport for Children. For any school, the safety of school children is a top priority, and so the GPS tracking device can help the school actively and practically use this.

Installing the right GPS device and software can help the school get all the info they require, such as driver behaviour rash driving if a wrong route is being taken or delays. It can also be tailored to serve a wide range of needs for the school authorities.

In India, School Transport has been an issue that has been plaguing both the School management and Parents alike. Since there is an absence of a common or centralized fleet at the school’s disposal, they are forced to hire different transporters for this purpose. A centralized GPS for school buses provides an opportunity for them to keep an eye on the entire fleet that is in operation.

Advantages of GPS tracking system for school buses include:

Safety Of Students

This GPS Tracking will assist in providing enhanced student safety and security. In case a student gets into the wrong bus or a student misses their stop, or fails to catch the bus, then this tracking system will help you in getting notified. The main purpose of this GPS Tracking System software is undeniably for the safety and security of the students. This GPS Tracking can be heightened more for safety by monitoring the speed of the bus, building geo-fences and redirecting or changing routes of the buses in case of any traffic congestion or to direct the bus away from accidents

Driver Behaviour

The safety and security of their school-going children is the biggest concern for parents. Schools are responsible for the safety of students right from the time they are picked up by the school bus until they get back home safely. Monitoring the school bus driver’s behaviour is a priority for every school to assure the safety of school children. Accidents have happened because of the rash driving of drivers. Now, schools can keep a vigilant eye on drivers to detect over-speeding, reckless driving, sudden acceleration, braking and cornering.

Arrival And Departure Monitoring For Parents

One of the most loved features of the GPS tracking system by parents is the reliable info on the arrival and departure of the vehicles. Instead of getting fed up with waiting at a stopping point for the school bus for hours, they can schedule their day accordingly. Parents can be relieved of anxiety and have peace of mind with the help of this monitoring device working on GPS technology. Arrival and departure times are planned to support each child’s well-being and create a sense of belonging for children and families. Arrival and departure times are planned to promote a smooth transition between home and the school to enable children to feel safe, secure and supported.

Cost Saving Tech

Transportation management is a critical function of school administration. The school is expected to provide safe and reliable transportation to children back and forth between school and home. The GPS Tracking system undoubtedly helps in reducing the costs of operations of buses for schools. They can cut down on unnecessary fuel, repairs and maintenance, as the GPS device helps improve route efficiency, reduce idle time and prevents misuse of the bus by its drivers. The management system also helps in checking vehicle performance and maintenance needs, reducing maintenance costs.

Enabled With Mobile App And Alerts

Using the school management system, the school can share important news, functions, current and future event notices, circulars, intimations about PTMs and many more. Using this school mobile app, the school can establish a strong bonding with parents by intimating and updating them about every activity held in the school and also about their child. Both the school staff and parents will find it pretty useful, as alerts and notifications are delivered to a mobile device which is handy to use by both staff and parents. The alerts can be instantly sent in case of issues and emergencies. This results in a quick response and action taken.